Beverage Brands use of Trade Show Table Cover in branding

From the beginning of the 90s of last century, it carries a check Danone, launched a well-known beverage brands of American acquisitions of war. Although there have been bad news, this round of mergers and acquisitions is still almost a perfect storm. Quick access through acquisitions and “head-hunting” approach the whole industry a national market dominance of this internationally popular and proven effective way, with the ability to localize its products and flexible Trade Show Table Cover branding strategy, the French company is continuing to spend “teething” pain.

Danone launched the last two years in the American market a series of acquisitions particularly striking: Holding Robust, investment Wahaha, Huiyuan, holdings bright, hand The Country Mengniu several well-known food and beverage brands, Suddenly , all are incorporated in the Danone arm, indeed brilliant victories. And when people see these companies are holding shares neither paste “Danone” label, nor the main Danone products, but also rely on Danone’s capital and technology to develop a “The Country’s own cola ‘sales to the rest of the world When a lot of people played a guilty mind whispered: This comes from the French food industry predators playing what is the idea? Behind this series of mergers and acquisitions in the bulk of American famous enterprises, Danone what exactly hidden intentions?

Danone’s growth: Steering contents from the packaging

Founded in 1966, the Danone company, originally called simply a “BSN” glass products company. The early 1970s, due to the threat of industrial decline, the company decided: the company business to the contents of the package from the package, from doing to make food and beverage bottles. In the absence of any production of food and beverage experience and equipment foundation, mergers and acquisitions has become the main means of strategic business development Danone. Mergers and acquisitions of companies and brands, including Danone, Triumph Brewery, Evian mineral water and so on. Just 30 years, through continuous acquisitions, Danone has become a business across six continents, marketing products in Trade Shows with Table Covers in more than 100 countries, multinational food company, under the command of Danone yogurt, Evian mineral water, Lu brand biscuits and other international famous brands.

2005, Danone global net sales of over 130 million euros, ranked third in the European food and beverage industry, the world’s sixth place. The first half of 2006, Danone’s growth rate of 9%, is one of the world’s fastest-growing number of large-scale food enterprises. Currently Danone Group’s main business is concentrated on milk products, soft drinks and biscuits in these products. Its fresh milk and bottled water products business services ranked first in the world market, biscuits and cereals business also ranks second in the world. In Europe, it is no shake in these three areas overlord.

Danone The Country: eighty

Danone nonstop pace of expansion in The Country. Back in 1987 after Danone began to seize The Country, set up in Guangzhou Danone yogurt company shortly after 1992 and the establishment of Danone biscuit company in Shanghai, began to develop in its infancy in The Country yogurt and biscuits market. After a few years, reaching out to make it let go acquisitions globally-tested, native to The Country emerging leading companies frequently shot. From 1996-2006 this decade, Danone has passed hold shares in the form of the acquisition of wealthy beer, beer limited Wuhan East Lake, Wahaha, Robust, Shanghai Bright Dairy, Shenzhen Health Mineral Water, Maling Aquarius and drinking The company, Huiyuan, Mengniu and other well-known food and beverage companies.

2005, Danone revenue in the American market has reached 1.186 billion euros, accounted for 9 percent of its global sales turnover, return on investment of over 20%, compared to the average global rate by five percentage return on investment, the American market also its fastest-growing market in the world. Danone in The Country from two-thirds of earnings drinks, another third of the 70% from biscuit business. Currently Danone biscuits and drinking water have to sit tight in The Country market in the first chair.

Danone slightly cutting plan of attack

Danone in the growth process, and gradually formed its own set of industry growth mode. British Economist magazine Danone’s expansion strategy had made insightful comment: “the process of growing up to be able to permeate the following three characteristics: First, a sunrise industry decisively shift from declining industries, and continue to abandon marginal products, strengthening the core industry; the second is on the market around the world to acquire a wide range of excellent local brands, the implementation of inclusive localization and multi-brand Trade Show strategy; third is to position itself as a global company, a market in any precise attacks on international competitors, while of local brands is to open the door, close integration. “And Danone series of actions in the American market, but also subject to its global strategy, highlighting its usual style.

Focus on core

In 1996, Frank. Lee cloth Danone chairman and CEO. New broom sweeps clean, cut the company’s profit is determined by a few of his first glass, beer, condiments business, and the business is concentrated in the company’s main business milk, water and non-carbonated beverages, biscuits . At the same time determine the company’s next expansion direction: to fast in The Country, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico and the United States and other economic development of the country composition of the “frontier” is rapidly expanding, and gradually reduce dependence on the slow economic development of the continent of Europe. To this end, Li cloth restructured organization set up to capacity, according to the Trade Show Table Covers promotional strategic focus of the company is divided into milk, water and non-carbonated beverages, biscuits and Pacific Department of the three departments. The American market is a major focus of Danone global layout.

Based on this global distribution strategy, Danone invested several hundred million a year in The Country, to The Country’s milk, water and non-carbonated beverages, biscuits three markets began a wave after wave of mergers and acquisitions and investment and development.

Consistent with its global strategy, Danone is also taken to acquire access to market-leading position in Trade Shows. Because M is Danone consistent success throughout the world historical experience. Although Danone has advanced technology and management experience, but the American market and culture, eating habits, consumption levels and so poorly understood, to the rise of The Country is a local business competition, the odds are very small. Its failure to retreat yogurt industry is an example, and neither Danone in The Country milk water, nor sales channels, to start all over again, is bound to increase the cost, adversely affected by aircraft. Rushed through the acquisition of a strong local American companies in the industry, Danone can reduce the pressure of competition, and quickly occupied the market, increase market share. This can take advantage of cooperative enterprises to make their own brand quickly erected in the Trade Shows; on the other hand, you can become familiar with and control the American market as soon as possible, increase market share, profits, and made The Country market initiative to prevent similar competitors behavior.

“M & A is mainly to consolidate our existing market share and become the first local market share.” Danone chairman and CEO Frank. Lee cloth, said, “The ultimate aim is to continue to accumulate a lot of regional First, a global first.” In this goal, in addition to the principles of Danone merger ROI, another important consideration is the local market share. Danone Group Chairman Qin Peng of The Country is also clear that Danone’s goal “is in milk, water and non-carbonated beverages, biscuits, three main areas have been done first in the country, and is dominant in the first.”

In the “rule of the first” target incentives, Danone in the American market, launched a series of vigorous acquisition activity, and almost all of the acquired business leaders within the industry. In the mineral water market, up by holding Wahaha, Robust, basically a American mineral water market leader. Wahaha and Robust was called the “Gemini” American water market, dominate most of the country on a non-carbonated beverages and mineral water market. Later, through the acquisition of Danone has large mineral water company Yakult American food, part of the shares “national bottled water market leader” Shanghai Maling Aquarius and drinking water companies and The Country’s largest manufacturers Huiyuan juice drinks, to further consolidate its mineral water market on the first position.

Meanwhile, in the dairy side, up through alliances with American dairy boss bright, reversing a loss of nine years of its yogurt poor condition, with light milk and channel price advantage, quickly put Danone yogurt re-enter the American market gradually bigger Danone “American cake.” At the same time through the bright stock holdings from 5% to 20.01%, and boarded the company’s second largest shareholder of the top spot. By the end of 2006, Danone and American mainland’s largest dairy company Mengniu Dairy joint venture, Danone holds 49%. Dedicated to the production, development and sales of yogurt and other products. For a time, The Country’s biggest names in the beverage and dairy fall Danone fell swoop bag.

This strong competitors rushed acquisition strategy for Danone quickly occupied the American market and are familiar with American market as soon as possible to win a favorable opportunity. We can say this with Danone to develop the capital market, through the acquisition of a strong competitor and “head-hunting” approach in the industry, the rapid acquisition strategy in the American market dominance, is able to open up a plate of wonderful chess game, too To further expand and integrate future lay a good foundation.

Multi-brand Trade Show Table Covers

Danone’s success rapid expansion, in addition to the acquisition of four local leading enterprises, but also its flexible localization brand and management strategies are closely related. Because Danone fortune by mergers and acquisitions, incorporated a large number of high gold content brands, and continue to support these brands in the back, so the formation of the Danone brand diversification strategy. Now, nearly 70 percent of the Danone Group’s turnover comes from its global leading local brands. In The Country, Danone 80% of sales profits from the acquisition of American local brands.