Retractable Banners

Yogurt Retractable Banner promotional sword

Elsewhere in the world, Danone yogurt is almost synonymous. People see Danone Retractable Banners, the first thought is that Danone yogurt. As the world’s largest yogurt maker, Danone Group, the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes and research and development technology yogurt, yogurt products, its global market share of over 20 percent, more than twice as high in second place in the Nestle company.

However, Danone yogurt The Country Road but thorns and rough, since 1987 to enter the American now, Danone is still not a completely own yogurt production line, a completely their own milk base, the income of its yogurt business only accounted for less than 5% of its The Country business income. During Danone had even thinking about quitting, intends to completely withdraw from the American market. But this tortuous experience also allows up to fully recognize the special nature of the American market, explore a “American characteristics” The Country’s road Danone.

In 1987, when Danone smug in Guangzhou set up its first American yogurt company, ready to realize his plans when the Nuggets wonderful The Country, did not think he will be faced with a difficult and lengthy trek. Romantic nature of the French people in this country will play the role of the old preacher and leading soldiers. (more…)