Feather Wing energy drinks Advertising Flags promotion

Jesus said: “You go through the narrow gate that leads to destruction, and that the gate is wide and the road is, to many who; leads to life, and that the gate is narrow and the road is to find. people with less.” Different Feather Wing, the same Feather Flags advertising strategy

In 1966, the advent of Feather Wing energy drink, one of the world’s first energy drink brand. In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand Feather Wing has been recognized by customers, rapid breakthrough Feather Flags promotion. Through long-term development and advocacy, Feather Wing gradually out of Thailand, out of Asia and spread to Europe, the Americas and Oceania, enter one country after another.

In Asia, the Feather Wing soft drinks among the first class brand; in Europe, the Feather Wing energy drinks into the beverage consumption era, and deeply involved in the various countries of the favorite sport among young people, popular in the university campus, bustling bars, sports occasions, becoming one of the fashion symbol. In the United States, after just six years of development, not only became the first Feather Wing energy drink brand, drive more than 100 competing brands, and ranked one of the nation’s top ten beverage company, in 2003 was awarded the annual meeting of the American beverage industry. ” Best Beverage Company “title.

Feather Wing swept the world, especially in Europe and America for the most. But Feather Wing in different countries, but in different versions appear. In the birthplace of the Thai Feather Wing, Feather Wing is a non-carbonated, refreshing ingredients generally more concentrated with functional beverages, common to the 150 ml glass bottle packaging. Recommended Advertising Feather Flags wholesale source (https://www.retractable-banner-stands.com/custom-feather-flags.html).

In Europe and America, Feather Wing is a carbonated soft drinks, in addition to the standard 250 ml aluminum cans version, in 2003 in the United States pioneered low-calorie sugar-free version. Canada’s version of Feather Wing, in order to pass the country’s food security review, is completely free of caffeine, taurine and other refreshment, ingredient only include pure sugar with vitamin B group only.

US mainland version of Feather Wing, is basically similar to Thai products, while Hong Kong and Taiwan, the introduction of the Austrian version of Feather Wing different. Taiwan version of Feather Wing, in response to legislation abolished add glucuronolactone, and slightly reduced caffeine content.

Despite the different products in different countries, the Feather Wing has implemented a unified global brand strategy, are located in the Feather Wing “energy and vitality” and long-term support to sports marketing. In United States, where the Feather Wing in the field of movement is greater. In 2006, for example, in a year’s time, according to incomplete statistics, took part in the following events:

  • 2006 “Feather Wing Cup” Kart Grand Prix in Shanghai;
  • 2006 “Feather Wing Cup” Jiaozishan climb Challenge;
  • 2006 “Feather Wing Cup” Asian professional snooker Taiqiu Sai;
  • 2006 Feather Wing King TBBA PK three basketball tournament;

January 6, 2007 to 7, as the first international snowboarding competitions ?? “International Snowboard Tour” in United States’s “Feather Wing Nanshan Open” has opened the new year Feather Wing sponsored sports project prologue.

If we say, different products implement the same marketing strategy is clearly biased. Feather Wing in United States, there is no other country in the effective implementation of the “dark marketing” approach, but consistently maintained a high intensity of television ads, but the whole idea of the Feather Flag promotional marketing United States has maintained a high degree of consistency with the rest of the world.

Feather Wing Feather Wing’s advertising flags promotional campaign success attributed to the implementation of the implementation of the five strategies: brand positioning focused energy and vitality, and actively promote products, long-term adherence sports marketing, locking young customers for long-term training, extensive terminal extension of the “dark marketing.”

And we believe that the reason why the performance of Feather Wing in the United States market is not satisfactory, it was just that the global marketing strategy transplanted to United States, is the result of acclimatized.

First, the special circumstances of insufficient knowledge of the US market

As an international brand, Feather Wing’s marketing model is an advanced nature, but even the most advanced marketing model and the local market must actually be able to bear the combination of beautiful fruit. Feather Wing acclimatized The most obvious example is when the 2003 SARS outbreak, as United States’s enlightenment Feather Wing energy drinks, although sales also increased a lot, but did not grab any opportunity. In contrast, in 2004 the limelight of functional beverages are those drinks were looting ripple: Ripple has invested about 120 million yuan advertising costs, and achieved sales of 700 million yuan, becoming the top ten enterprises in the beverage industry to achieve profit growth of the crown ; ostentatious activation smashed 150 million yuan in advertising, made a turnover of 300 million yuan or so; “he + she” put in 0.5 million, also made three million amazing performance. This Feather Wing is undoubtedly very ironic. At this point, it is easy to see Feather Wing as the ability of international brands to US consumers is not strong wind blows.

In addition, the global synchronization sponsor Feather Wing extreme sports, extreme sports, but in United States is still a relatively luxurious sport, this sport is still a very small number of people, which naturally limits the consumer groups.

Feather Wing not only able to “add strength”, but also be able to provide a “refreshing” for mental functions. But Feather Wing has also adopted in United States and abroad, like sports marketing strategies involved in many sporting events, for the Feather Wing brand has laid a strong imprint of sports drinks, while ignoring the “refreshing” function demands. In fact, the more involved in the Feather Wing events, the greater the influence of consumers’ cognitive sports drink Feather Wing is on the more profound. As a result, Feather Wing Energy Drink strategic positioning in, it creates a fundamental shake.

Feather Wing duel with sports drinks, in fact, is not so strong.

Feather Wing ingredients from view, which contains a variety of ingredients taurine, B vitamins, lysine, inositol, caffeine. These ingredients have two basic functions: one is nutrition, one is refreshing. Enhanced functionality while taurine is enhanced refreshing effect.

The real sports drinks are specifically designed for sports people, it contains ingredients such as potassium, sodium, calcium and electrolytes after physical exertion, can quickly restore strength and vitality. Such as domestic Jianlibao, body and Pepsi drink Gatorade and other arm.

Feather Wing sports drink on the one hand and the real competition, on the other hand, has come face to face with some “fake” sports drinks such as pulsation, activation, screaming, etc.

It is precisely because the Feather Wing bias in sports marketing, and the need to “refreshing” the vast intellectual workers to intentionally or unintentionally ignored. Say that this is a strategic mistake.

Third, the development stage of cognitive function is unclear beverages

Although Feather Wing energy drink market in United States’s 12 years of hard work, but the US consumer awareness of energy drinks is still vague, that United States’s energy drink market is still not mature.

2004 quickly became popular functional beverage, functional beverages is not the critical point has come, but everyone in the SARS life-threatening, in the case of hospitals and other institutions, “vitamin tablets” almost sold out, and everyone on the immune function of functional drinks a survival response made nature, is based on a very strong real demand, causing a false fire functional beverage. When SARS in the past, when we quickly put energy drinks to forget, and therefore, the last two years of the functional beverage market is very quiet. It also tells us that United States’s functional beverage market is not yet mature, and now still in a period of development, fostering job market is still far from over.

But Feather Wing did not clearly understand this, from the beginning of April 2003, Feather Wing will own brand connotation as “dynamic, international, vitality,” the new slogan, “my energy, my dream,” and therefore the Street; now advertising is still the “dream” extension ?? “there is energy, an unlimited amount.” From the “sleepy, tired, drink Feather Wing” to “my energy, my dream,” we can see that Feather Wing is taking one from the works “reality” works “virtual” line.

By Feather Wing’s explanation, the reason to make such a change, mostly free in order to attract consumers, and that some consumers believe that Feather Wing’s product functionality too, and in the minds of consumers, functional products too sure having a certain degree of negative impact. To this end, Feather Wing first psychological barrier to impede consumers buy to get rid of; secondly, to give the Feather Wing brand specific meaning, create consumer desire, and consumers have a consumer desire for change from impulse buying. Thus, those opportunities to consumers free will become loyal customers.

In fact, Feather Wing from the services “reality” works “virtual”, meaning that Feather Wing has embarked on a narrow niche market from an emphasis on functional features to ignore popular route, but such a change, only Feather Wing “Dream” only.

Feather Wing energy drink that United States’s market in the years of education is ripe to do now is to function by fuzzy processing of heavy and light image features to attract those free consumers, in order to expand the group drinking Feather Wing . But in fact, the reason why we do not drink energy drinks, not because of fear of problems to drink, drink but do not know why, because we are still functional beverage awareness blurred. In this context, Feather Wing need to do is to further strengthen the product’s features, to tell consumers under what circumstances need to add functional beverages, rather than obscured functional beverage functions.

k’s dominant position in United States and no one can shake!