Spot Light on modern Trade Show Marketing

Now the world is becoming flat, with exchanges between enterprises, more and more power in addition to a range of leadership may not be so clear. For example, you are the top leadership of a department, but in other sectors, so that people do not necessarily respect your authority. Therefore, you must know how to win people’s respect and trust you.

Desire to influence others, first requires expert leadership to win the right example in front of subordinates; the second is to demonstrate concern for the individual; the third is to be able to show the spirit of self-sacrifice; four is to have confidence and optimism; Fifth able to influence your subordinates passion.

Brand Manager majority, director of Trade Show marketing and sales director by featuring US people. In more than 4,000 full-time employees, the headquarters of expatriates to only 10 bits. Such a localization team, will push sales in the second position of L’Oreal US’s cosmetics industry, and for five consecutive years of double-digit speed rushing, making L’Oreal to become one of the most famous multinational companies in US.

Appears in many enterprises, organizations may not be composed of dragons is a powerful organization, which is generally thought of US enterprises. Employee development thinking clearly different. She said: Every employee should become entrepreneurs on their respective positions. A “future entrepreneurs,” This is not only for the sales, marketing staff at the request of staff HR or finance department as well.

The average life expectancy of local SMEs is not long, most people think that brand power is difficult to contend with a strong brand dictates. However, the research found that: Although these SMEs because industry background and stage of development, different institutional nature, their problems are different, there are also some of the more common problems, namely weak internal management, which is the crux of SMEs grow.

Overall, mainly in the following five questions: First, the rapid growth masks the management deficiencies; Second, management theory and management tools can not effectively combine; Third, the absence of the development of ideas; four that the system is not important; five, lack of management optimization mechanisms.

US’s marketers and representative of “Trade Show Marketing Management” can be described as familiar, but for Gary and his masterpiece “Marketing Engineering and Applications”, many people are still unfamiliar. In fact, publishers often sell two books put together. This is because the “Trade Show Marketing Management” is about the concept, and “Trade Show Marketing Engineering and Applications” is about how to operate, mix together, naturally complement each other.

For “marketing engineering”, Lee once every engineer to build a bridge to an example of his finest creations explain straightaway: “Engineers to build a bridge, he would use a lot of material, the use of the latest technology and tools to achieve the purpose of Marketing is marketing issues facing engineering, materials used are related to customer information and data relating to customer evaluation, information needs, and then design a good program. I’m an engineer born in never before to lecture at the School of Business Business School spent, so I used an engineer’s point of view marketing problems, with the help of marketing concepts and rules, using a series of computer models and tools to build a marketing system.”

Recently, by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other new technologies, neuroscience is booming. You can work on the brain state fMRI different tasks carried out under “pictures.” Marketers many of them found interesting. It seems that with the nervous system of science and technology, companies will soon be able to act in accordance with the companies allow customers the way you want it directly spawned neuromarketing.

Although the concept of neuromarketing is affecting the forefront of marketing practices, but think you can see a person’s brain to control them, that is a fundamental misunderstanding. If neuromarketing is defined as the use of technology to improve advertising effectiveness nerve or sales, then, has not seen a success story.